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Power Lock Kit For Mazda Miata

To the best of our knowledge, up until around 1997, there were no Miatas made with power locks, but the doors of the Miata were designed for power locks and installation isn't that difficult. This kit is a prewired power lock kit. If you can install a car stereo, you can install these power locks.

We can honestly say that running the wires out of the frame and to the doors is the hardest part, and we provide a special tool and instructions to help you with that.

The kit comes two lock actuators (one for each door), control unit, all the wiring, and a full color, step by step installation guide. I had the amateur mechanic in mind when I made the instructions. This is a complete kit.

If you noticed, there are no switches. The driver's side door lock also acts as a switch. When that door is locked (or unlocked), the other door will follow. This is really nice, because when you unlock (or lock) the driver's side door, the other door follows.

As a side note, adding power locks to your car will not hinder using a key on either door.

Note: You will receive the 2 door version
$19 + $7 S/H

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