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Z3 Rear Plastic Window
318 323 325 328 E36 Plastic Rear Window

325i E30 Plastic Rear Window

BMW E30, 318, 318i, 320, 320i, 325, 325i Convertible Clear Plastic Rear Window

Why pay the outrageous price from the BMW dealership for a replacement window? Why pay for a whole window when only the plastic is bad?

Most E30 BMW's had a window that is sewed and glued on. When you go to the dealership, they will sell you a window for close to $300 and an "install kit." I'm selling the exact same thing, but it is not from BMW. I include the same tools that were in the install kit. The instructions indicate that you hand sew this new window into the old holes. It is a 2+ hour job that is best handled with two people.

The plastic that I use is higher quality and longer lasting than OEM BMW plastic. The OEM plastic can be scratched with your fingernail. This plastic won't easily be scratched with your fingernail.

If you have a zipped-in window click here.

$79 + $10 S/H
$79 + $22 International Shipping

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