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Porsche Boxster Convertible Clear Plastic Rear Window

Why pay the outrageous price from the Porsche dealership for a replacement window? Why pay for a whole window when only the plastic is bad?

Most Porsche Boxster's had a window that is sewed and glued on. BMW developed a process to replace the sewn-in window without taking the top off of the car. When you go to the BMW dealership, they will sell you a window for close to $300 and an "install kit." I'm selling the exact same thing, but it is not from BMW. I include the same tools that were in the install kit. The instructions indicate that you hand sew this new window into the old holes. It is a 2+ hour job that is best handled with two people.

The plastic that I use is higher quality and longer lasting than OEM Porsche plastic. The OEM plastic can be scratched with your fingernail. This plastic won't easily be scratched with your fingernail.

$89 + $10 S/H

Or Paypal to: prothe@wewill.com

I offer a "charcoal" tinted plastic available for $15 more. The charcoal tinted plastic may or may not be DOT approved where you are, but it is still considered a light tint.

Tinted Windows are out of stock until September.

Questions or Comments: questions@emiata.com

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